New ‘Skin Panels’ display stand

Nuevo expositor 'Skin Panels'

At Fiora, we want our potential customers to have direct access to our products, so that they can see their colours, touch their textures and can interact with them. There is no doubt that this improves the shopping experience in a decisive way and facilitates decision-making.

For this reason, we have always tried to help our distributors with the display of our collections in their retail outlets, either as separate, individual products, or in the form of fiorisations. We have also designed product samplers, and display stands for samples and for products, with the aim of reinforcing their marketing efforts.

To the same end, we have developed a new ‘Skin Panels’ display stand. Its dimensions are 60 x 180 cm and it is designed to accommodate 10 panel samples with the different textures in which they are available: Slate, Lineas, Ninfa, Oak, Bricks, Rustica, Rosas, Stucco, Saco and Liso.

If you are already displaying our panels in your retail outlet, please contact your local agent, who will provide you with the information you need.

Presenting our latest ‘fiorisations’

Os presentamos nuestras últimas ‘fiorizaciones’

At a point of sale, the way in which products are displayed has a major influence on the shopping experience. Open spaces, well-organised environments and coherent displays help to generate positive feelings. Comfort, calm, relaxation, trust… generate a positive predisposition towards the brand and its products. And, by extension, to the shop itself. It is beneficial for both parties. That’s why at Fiora we want to work side by side with our distributors and help them with this task, to try to find the best solution between us.

And it is with this spirit that we create our ‘fiorisations’: an exclusive space reserved for Fiora at the points of sale of our distributors, where we display our products in a clear and elegant way, with high visibility for our brand and its collections, textures and colours.

Each ‘fiorisation’ is designed on an ad hoc basis, depending on the space available and the specific needs of each premises. No two are alike. Each has its own size, format, products, communication tools, etc. But all share a common essence: simplicity, clarity and order; and the same spirit: to be of benefit and provide support to the salespeople.

In the last few months, we have completed four new fiorisations, in Garro (Barcelona), La Guardia (A Coruña and Vigo) and Terrapilar (Murcia). We are delighted with the results! You can see them in this photo gallery. What do you think?