A new prize for FIORA for its innovation and internationalisation

A new prize for FIORA for its innovation and internationalisation

Photo caption: FIORA Managing Director, David Pascual (left), and Director of Exports, Sergio Marco (right), receive the prize.

Today we are pleased to share with you a prize awarded to us by the Centros Promotores de la Excelencia (CEX or Centres for the Promotion of Excellence) for our ‘Good Management Practices’.

The CEX, which includes centres in 12 Spanish autonomous communities, has awarded FIORA this prize, which in 2014 specifically recognised management focussed on company internationalisation, technology transfer and innovation. This prize is very important to us as it values the significant effort made by our whole team and the essence of our product: the commitment to technology, innovation and growth.

And, of course, we would like to share it with all of you, with those of you who place your trust in FIORA every day and make it possible for us to keep improving. Thank you for continuing to choose us. You already make up more than 4,000 clients (shops, groups, wholesalers, etc.), managing, promoting and distributing our products in nearly 20 countries.

To all of you, and to those who decide to decorate their home with FIORA, thank you! This prize is partly yours and will help us to keep improving.

FIORA is innovation and technology

Fiora es innovación y tecnlogía

For Fiora its research, development and innovation department is the cornerstone on which the company is based. Quality and design are the brand’s two maxims that come together and are expressed in the collections of furniture and shower trays. The investment in R&D+i responds to a firm commitment to this aspect, through which at Fiora we have created and patented designs that are singular in the world to make life simpler for our customers.

Innovation in materials and the commitment to ongoing investigation mark the difference. Our R&D+i department is in constant development, integrating their new products into the Fiora collections.

The R&D+i and Design departments may appear to be separate, but at Fiora they go hand in hand. A technological advance that does not fit in with the design of our collections is wasted effort, so both departments always work together. This is how Fiora has been able to launch such complete collections onto the market, where every part entails all of this prior work.

Clear examples of these technological advances are ‘Nanobathtechnology’ and our Silex Extra flat shower trays. Below we highlight some of our key research projects.

– The Silex shower trays and especially, the extra flat model.

– The application of nanotechnology to make Fiora products antibacterial and fungicidal, technology registered under the name Nanobathtechnology.

– Elax, the first shower tray that can be adapted to any space, that is flexible and can be manipulated thanks to the smart material from which it is made.

Without significant investment in R&D+i none of this progress or registration of new patents would be possible. We are proud of the mark that a good research department makes on the final result of our products.