The colour of your bathroom says something about you

The colour of your bathroom says something about you

To enter someone’s home is like getting inside their head and even being able to guess some of their most intimate emotions. Why is that? Because every corner says something about him or her. Sometimes, almost without realising it. And if you don’t believe it, take ten seconds right now to think about what you see when you open the door of your house or your apartment.

Picture it. Why do you have a mirror to meet you? Or why don’t you? Why did you choose that colour for the entrance? And the texture of your couch, why did you choose that one and not another? Now the possible answers … “I can’t stand small spaces and I like the feeling of space, so I use mirrors to achieve that effect.” Or, “I don’t like to see my reflection every step that I take.” You might even say something like, “I love to get home and be met by the colour blue as soon as I walk in, because it relaxes me …” And so we could go on, with a whole range of possibilities.

Fine. In this post we’re going to talk only about that last one, about colours. Because if there’s one thing about colour it’s that the more natural light enters the house, the more intense is the sensation that it gives you. And guess what? Summer has just started! And that of course means that light takes centre stage and it is the perfect moment to choose the colours for your house.

We’d like to make our own particular proposal for a very personal space: your bathroom. Of course, this is only a small sample of the possibilities that are available with the different combinations of all our collections.

Here is our selection of colours, in the form of a photo gallery:

  • Light blue, for those who like cool and relaxing.
  • Red, a colour associated with the optimists and passionate.
  • Purple, the choice that characterises creative people.
  • Yellow, for intellectuals and the adventurous.
  • Orange, a typical favourite of the extroverts.
  • Green, for those who love nature and vitality.

You’re sure to find yours. Enjoy them!

Light blue. Colors CollectionLight blue. Colors Collection

Red. Colors CollectionRed. Colors Collection

Purple. Fussion CollectionPurple. Fussion Collection

Yellow. Vivaldi&Elax CollectionYellow. Vivaldi&Elax Collection

Orange. Colors CollectionOrange. Colors Collection

Green. Colors CollectionGreen. Colors Collection