Autumn: three months, three colours for your shower

Otoño: tres meses, tres colores

Almost without realising it, autumn moves steadily onward and now we find ourselves half way through. They seem like three long months, but they fly by. And now, given that we still have half of the season ahead of us, we want to propose three colours closely related to autumn, colours that are fashionable and that will help you to give your bathroom a very natural style.



Exclusive to our collection of ‘Silex Rustica’ shower trays, the colour Arcilla (which in Spanish means “clay”) reminds us of traditional ways of doing things, of craftsmanship. An obvious example is the work of the potter. It connects us with the most rural aspect of the autumn. It is the best option if you want to give your bathroom the unmistakable air of a family home.



Cenere is a greyish colour, similar to certain woods and to the ashes that remain after a fire: that colour we are so accustomed to when we see the warmth of a good fire. In addition to the shower tray, you can extend this to the walls of your shower with the Fiora Box ‘Silex Privilege’ collection.



A brilliant dark brown colour, which evokes damp earth better than any other. In combination with the unique touch of the Slate texture under your feet, you feel almost like you are standing under autumn rain. And thanks to the adaptability of the ‘Elax’ shower trays, you can install your shower in the corner you prefer, avoiding any possible obstacle.


You can find these colours in many other Fiora products: panels, radiators and furniture. Also, these are only three possibilities, and in our collections you will find many other finishes. Which one is your favourite?

The customers are centre stage for the third Fiora Brand Day


How often have you felt that the rhythm of everyday life does not leave you time to think? It’s the routine; it doesn’t leave much room for improvisation. The daily obligations define your agenda, and it seems that inertia wants to direct your steps. That’s why it’s very important not to be just carried along by the tide, but to establish mechanisms that allow you to regain control, to pause and be calm.

At Fiora, being aware of this need, we decided to organise an annual day of working differently. A special day, dedicated to the Fiora brand. It was to be a day to think about and discuss its present and its future, its needs and values; a few hours of coexistence, to speak freely, to express our opinions and listen to each other, and so to make the best possible decisions. And it was such a good experience that last Friday 9 October we celebrated the third edition of Fiora Brand Day.

As on previous occasions, we met at the Hotel Viura, in the village of Villabuena de Álava. We enjoyed the company and advice of our colleagues from the agency Contrabriefing and also the presence of a reputed consultant: Eugenio Palomero, one of the leading figures in financial marketing, services marketing and management skills in Spain.

At the end of the day, we were very pleased with the results, and reaffirmed the need to promote the values of the Fiora service to its customers in our communication: everything that goes on behind the making of each of our shower trays, panels, radiators or pieces of bathroom furniture, which is a lot. The 5 year guarantee, the professional staff waiting to assist you in your own language, the wide range of options for the customisation of our products both in terms of sizes and also in textures and colours… The effort that we make every day to ensure that we attain the standards that our customers deserve.

This is something that we should not just say, but that we also have to prove. And so we carry on working!