Don’t know where to leave the towels in the bathroom? Here are 4 ideas


The bathroom is a part of the house that is full of important little features. And all of them are very personal. That’s why those small spaces that help you keep everything in the right place, to be there just when you need it, are more important than they seem.

Today we are going to give you 4 ideas, using FIORA furniture, for you to always have one of the ‘jewels’ of your bathroom, the towels, handy and tidy.

1. In drawers with compartments.
If your bathroom has enough space to have a large piece of furniture, take advantage of this to compartmentalise the drawers, where you can keep all the products that you need, along with towels of all sizes, folded or rolled up.

2. Under the sink.
If you are the kind of person who prefers to have furniture on wheels, which is very mobile and ideal for pushing under suspended sinks, use the top of this as a place to keep towels. That way they will always be handy and will also decorate the room with their colour!

3. On an integrated hanger.
Our mineral consoles incorporate a towel rail in the same material, with a totally minimalist design. But if you have two sinks, we also propose placing a towel rail right between the two of them. It’s very convenient and also saves space.

4. On the radiator.
Our Vulcan and Vulcan Electric collections have the option of incorporating towel rails. Your towels will always be warm and you will look forward to wrapping yourself in them. As soon as you get out of the shower!

Some of these ideas are sure to inspire you. And if you want to know more about any aspect of your bathroom decoration, write to us!

The latest trends for changing your shower

Las últimas tendencias para cambiar de ducha

If you have doubts about how to reform your bathroom, this post will help to dispel them. Do you want to replace your bathtub with a shower? Or is it that you have a shower but it is a bit old fashioned and you simply need to give it a new look?

We’re going to tell you what you can do in either of these two situations, and also what’s fashionable right now in bathroom reform. Here are four trends that will help you turn your shower space into a unique and inviting corner.

1. One-piece bathroom fittings
We’ve become used to comfort and we want to have everything to hand. That’s probably why integrated bathroom fittings are so fashionable, such as columns with thermostatic regulators, overhead rain effect shower heads and accessories to hang the shower head in the shape of a telephone.

2. Accessible shower trays
The accessibility of the shower is becoming more and more important, and not only for people with movement difficulty. To be able to enter the shower without any kind of barrier is one of the most notable trends in recent years. That’s why shower trays level with the floor, such as our Silex Extra Flat and Elax are two perfect choices to provide the bathroom with both elegance and accessibility. It is also a perfect way for the shower to be totally integrated with the space, and without visual obstacles.

3. Pleasing, warm and resistant textures
Shower trays are not made only of porcelain. These days new materials are used, which are easy to clean, more resistant, waterproof and more readily adapted to the space. Here, for example, are our shower trays in slate (Silex), bricks (Silex Privilege) and Elax, so you can see the almost limitless options that are available and how versatile and adaptable they are.

4. Made to measure shower screens
Shower screens are fundamental. Opaque, transparent or with vinyls, they are a basic element of the shower and are made to measure, to the consumer’s taste. That’s why in our latest collection, Silex Rustica, we have incorporated rails in the shower tray itself, so that the glass fits perfectly. And if you like semi-open but practical spaces, we recommend you have a look at our Fiora Wall: a one-piece shower screen and radiator!

Torres grifos integradas

Elax plato adaptable

Mampara Silex Rustica con rail

Plato accesible Silex

Silex Privilege textura bricks

Wall Fiora radiador mampara