Sweeten your bathroom with chocolate colours


Some people might say that brown is a neutral colour, perhaps even serious. But in this post we are going to show you that, when combined with light surroundings and enriched with textures that evoke romanticism, chocolate shades will make your bathroom into a place that is both warm and elegant, and that you will not want to leave.

Some of the shades of brown most used in decoration are those that are reminiscent of roasted coffee or chocolate, or wenge tones. In the photo gallery with this post we will show some of them, reflected in our bathroom furniture and in our shower trays. Here you will find the inspiration you need to make the perfect choice of colours for your bathroom.

If you want to avoid the possible ‘soberness’ of a piece of furniture in a brown colour, choose it for bathrooms that are flooded with natural light. Combine it with whites, ochres and creams to soften it a little. And if you also want to add a touch of elegance with a difference, romantic even, we suggest you choose a piece of furniture from our ‘InTouch’ collection with the ‘Rosas’ (‘Roses’) texture.

The darker brown tones offer a sense of comfort and security. And you’ll find both of these in the shower trays we’re bringing you in this post: ‘Silex Privilege’, in ‘Pizarra’ texture (‘Slate’), and ‘Elax’, both in wenge tones. A good choice for fitting in areas with lighter coloured walls.

And if your particular favourites are chocolate tones, and made to be caressed, then the textures of our ‘Vivaldi’ and ‘Colors’ collections of bathroom furniture are what you are looking for. In our photo gallery you can enjoy the particularly elegant curves of the ‘Vivaldi’ collection, accompanied by fine lines in movement, and the sobriety of the ‘Cuero’ texture (‘Leather’) which accompanies the ‘Colors’ collection in both roasted colours and coffee tones.

If you like brown, don’t hesitate: go for it! You will have a bathroom where tranquillity and elegance reign, as well as being right up to date with the latest fashion.




Silex privilege pizarra

InTouch rosas

Elax wengue

Colors cuero

Colors cuero tostado

Colors cuero cafe

Breathe the Mediterranean in your bathroom… with RUSTICA


Natural light, the colour of the sea and the earth, simplicity in the shapes. These are three of the essences of Mediterranean decoration. And they are all present in the collection ‘Silex Rustica’ by Fiora. The unassuming luxury of the materials gives it an elegant style with clean lines and rustic textures.
Let yourself be inspired and take a trip with us from the Mediterranean to your bathroom… Are you coming?

The palate of Mediterranean colours has whites, blues, greens, yellows and browns. They all combine in the home to recreate the sun, the earth and the water of the Mediterranean beaches. The result? Magical, relaxing spaces for the corners you choose in your home. We propose that you create this magic in your bathroom with one of our latest collections, ‘Silex Rustica’. Its new Rustica colours, which hint at the earth (Albero, Arena, Teja and Arcilla), along with the 14 Nature and Solid colours in tones of pure white, cream or yellow, create a range of warmth for your bathroom that will envelop everything.

In addition, the colours can lead to many Fiora products: from Box panels, VULCANO radiators and the extra-flat and framed shower trays themselves, warm, elegant, natural and, as always, with maximum slip-resistance (Class 3).

And if colours are significant in decoration, natural light is just as important. Actually, it is this light what will make your bathroom even more inviting. The Mediterranean style of decoration goes hand-in-hand with large windows that let in light and brighten the interior warmth. And to help this sensation of openness and spaciousness, the furniture and decoration in the bathroom must be in consonance, without too many obstacles interrupting these halos of natural light. In terms of the walls, the whites, yellows or beiges, in smooth or rustic textures, they are the perfect complement for ‘Silex Rustica’.

The cleanliness of the lines and the importance of natural elements have led to Fiora developing a new grating in the same material as the shower tray, so that it is even more integrated in the rustic atmosphere. Also, a channel can be made so that the glass of the screen is perfectly integrated into the frame of the shower tray. More comfort and fewer components to install.

And if you would like to discover more about Silex Rustica, click here.

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