We will show you how our FIORA BOX is installed

Changing from your old bathtub to our FIORA BOX shower space is simpler and less effort than you might think. How? In this video you can find out about the meticulous work carried out by our official installers.

And the result is a space that is totally integrated into your bathroom, accessible and with an avant-garde design and touch, both on the floor and on the walls, which will mean that you are right up to date will the latest trends.

The FIORA BOX understands the shower space as a whole, starting with the shower tray. Elaborate the style of your bathroom using the same material and with the extensions which adapt themselves best to your space, because it has been designed with this in mind. Possibilities also include all of the textures and colours of the ‘Silex Privilege’ collection.

Make your shower space unique!

Exclusive silicone by FIORA for our shower trays

Exclusive silicone by FIORA for our shower trays

At FIORA we keep on innovating, looking at the small details as well. Those that are important to you too. How many times have you thought that the silicone used for your shower tray should be the same colour as the shower tray? With FIORA it is now possible. We have created it, exclusively, for our shower spaces.

Silicone is something that is often forgotten in design aspects, but, at the same time, it is essential for the proper maintenance of any bathroom. It is what keeps shower trays watertight and prevents possible leaks. Thus it deserves to be a significant part of our personal style too.

Therefore, our authorised installers, who always fit the FIORA shower trays and panels with the utmost care and attention, will now have the opportunity to use the new FIORA silicone, designed by our R&D+i department and available in the 8 Solid colours of the Privilege collection: off white, total white, black, cream, wengue, grey, cappuccino and cenere.