We will show you how our FIORA BOX is installed

Changing from your old bathtub to our FIORA BOX shower space is simpler and less effort than you might think. How? In this video you can find out about the meticulous work carried out by our official installers.

And the result is a space that is totally integrated into your bathroom, accessible and with an avant-garde design and touch, both on the floor and on the walls, which will mean that you are right up to date will the latest trends.

The FIORA BOX understands the shower space as a whole, starting with the shower tray. Elaborate the style of your bathroom using the same material and with the extensions which adapt themselves best to your space, because it has been designed with this in mind. Possibilities also include all of the textures and colours of the ‘Silex Privilege’ collection.

Make your shower space unique!

SILEX, repair kit

SILEX, kit de reparación

Sometimes during the work to install a new bathroom the elements being fitted may be damaged slightly. This is almost always a consequence of quick installation.

For these occasions Fiora provides the installers with a repair kit for their shower trays to deal with the small knocks or scrapes that occur during installation more easily and accurately. But now, in addition, with a single click on our Youtube channel, you can watch the step by step tutorial video on the repair process for these bumps, so you can see first-hand how our professionals make this type of repair.

Have a look and you will see that these problems are much easier to solve than you imagine.