Experience Room Fiora, a space created to experience our brand

Inauguración Experience Room Fiora

On 2 December the Experience Room Fiora opened its doors for the first time. It is a unique space that reflects Fiora’s values: innovation, design and social commitment. It is a place that is open to the city, located in the heart of Logroño (Spain), in a prime location for commercial activity and from which a cultural programme that is also of social interest will be organised.

The event was attended by the most important public figures in our community as well as representatives from all areas of society: culture, art, sport and the institutions. It was a relaxed event in which after a few words from David Pascual, manager of Fiora, those who attended enjoyed a snack accompanied by a performance by a DJ.

The Experience Room Fiora wants to provide support to our distributors and retail outlets in the area. From here a variety of promotional and marketing activities will be carried out, in this way boosting the brand’s sales. It’s also intended to be a place to meet customers who come to visit us. We want somewhere to welcome people, where they can experience the brand and have a comfortable and enjoyable time during this first contact with Fiora.

In addition, the Experience Room Fiora will remain open to the public in the afternoons from Monday to Friday, from 17.00 to 20.00, and on Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00. We are waiting for you!

New techniques for the ‘Skin Panels’ collection

Novedades 'Skin Panels'Committed, as always, to continuous innovation to provide ever better solutions, at Fiora we have now perfected two aspects of our ‘Skin Panels’ collection: the silicone that we use to glue the panels to the wall and the actual material with which they are made.


New silicone in all colours

Attention to detail is what makes a product really great. To prevent the adhesive from being a problem, we have developed new silicones in the same colours as the panels.


Thinner and more stable

Another of our fundamental concerns is your safety. For this reason, we have modified the material that we use to manufacture the panels, reducing their thickness by 1 mm, from 7 to 6 mm, and achieving greater stability.