Have a shower, but do it well


Would you like to celebrate World Health Day with us? Our proposal is very simple: we’ll remind you of four good habits for the shower and then you share them, so that we don’t forget them again almost immediately.

Some time ago the World Health Organization reminded us what the perfect shower was like: it should never exceed 5 minutes in duration or use more than 95 litres of water. Even so, many of us don’t do this well. So this will be the first habit to bear in mind: to use the right amount of water so that the consumption is sustainable. But, as well as this advice, here are some more suggestions for enjoying the best kind of shower, looking after your body at the same time:

If you shower more than once a day, because you exercise or have a job involving a great deal of physical exertion, try not to always use soap. And if you do use it, try to make sure it respects the pH of your skin, which should have a level between 5 and 6.

The contrasts in water temperature are very beneficial for stimulating the circulation. But if you don’t feel up to cold water, at least don’t overdo it with the heat. Put the thermostat closer to 30 ºC than to 40 ºC; believe it or not, the moderate temperature will relax you more, while hot water could aggravate circulatory problems such as varicose veins.

This is a part of the shower to which many don’t pay adequate attention, but it is equally or more important than the previous ritual. Unless you have used a moisturising body oil which needs to be slowly absorbed through the skin without drying, dry your body thoroughly. Pay special attention to the areas between the fingers and the toes, to prevent fungal growth.

Enjoy a healthy shower!

Spring is coming to your bathroom. An explosion of colour!


Springs is coming. So, what does that mean? Well, it means that it’s also time to take advantage of the natural light coming in through the window to decorate every corner of the house with colour and add a touch of life to your most personal places.

And of course we will show you how to do all of this in one of the most special parts of the house: the bathroom.

Let the light reach even as far as the shower. We suggest you employ semi-transparent vinyls or venetian blinds in light colours that allow light to flood the bathroom whenever you want. And if you don’t happen to have a large window in this particular room, combine the principal, cool lighting with accents in warm colours, in the mirrors, for example.

Fuchsias, greens, purples and different shades of blue are going to be big this spring-summer. Geometric shapes and bright colours will make your bathroom into a place where you can start the day with more than enough energy. Our suggestion? Accompany the tones of the furniture with textures that add feeling and transfer colour to the different features of the bathroom: towels, rugs and personal items. For the walls, neutral colours that highlight the furniture that provides the centrepiece.

It’s time to fill your home with fresh flowers and plants. In the bathroom, use all the different possible ways of presenting them: from a glass vase to a wicker basket or a flowerpot next to the shower. Anything goes as long as it breathes life into your decor. And if you love flowers enough to make them part of the furniture, be daring and draw them on the wall or choose a piece of furniture with a floral texture.

Welcome in the Spring and fill your home with life!

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