Cheer up your bathroom…¡Vinyl!

Vinilos para el baño / Vinyls in your bathroom

Today we bring you an easy way to cheer up your bathroom.

How to add a touch of colour and rejuvenate your bathroom in five minutes? With these fun Vinyl appliqués!

Vinyl appliqués on the walls, on the shower cabinet… even on the toilet bowl!

Appliqués invade the bathroom!

The bathroom has always been a place for rest, privacy, solemnity… but now all that has changed and bathrooms are happiness, colour and places to find peace after a hard day’s work thanks to a relaxing shower.

These appliqués contribute to this fun atmosphere in the bathroom or give a different, trendsetting touch. They enable everyone to contribute their special touch to the bathroom.

What about you? Have you got vinyl appliqués in your bathroom yet?

Dark tones in your bathroom?

Do you dare to combine dark colours in your bathroom with a `Black & White´ touch?

Baño Oscuro/ Dark bathroom

We give you the keys to get it right!!

80% of bathrooms have white or pastel tone tiles and furniture and they look great… but that is the easy choice in decoration. We propose that we break away from stereotypes and decorate our bathroom with dark tones. Will you dare?

We recommend shades of grey and light colours for walls as tiles are not often changed at home, but a light and dark contrast is the perfect combination, as you can see in the image.

Dark shades of colour in bathrooms transmit a sensation of tranquility perfect for a room with the features of a bathroom.

At Fiora we have collections for all tastes and an enormous range of colours that will make your choice easier.

What we do not recommend, however, is going for pitch black in the decoration, but rather an intermediate point; a `Black & White´ style can give your bathroom an important touch of distinction and originality.

Fiora’s collection of black shower trays combined with decorative elements such as black cabinets or a black mirror are the perfect combination to create that intimist and relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom.

Here are two images of the `Black & White´ style we propose, they are bathrooms with straight lines that combine superbly with all the home’s decorative atmospheres.

Will you dare to try `Black & White´?

Do you have a bathroom like this?

Send us pictures of your bathrooms so that we can share them with decoration lovers that follow us on our Facebook profile.


Fiora, Touch Your Bathroom