We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Navidad 2013

Christmas is the most cherished time of the year, time to evaluate the months that have gone by and look to the future with optimism. Over these last twelve months we have brought you a lot of stories but today we would like to review those that are the most important to us. We would like to highlight the best news that 2013 has brought us and bring it to a close.

Let’s start with the nicest story that touched all of us who work at Fiora. We already you told you how, thanks to the last shower tray prize draw, one of our winners, a person with limited mobility, was able to adapt his bathroom to make it more accessible. It was, without doubt, one of the happiest moments this prize draw brought. Here you can find a short feature on this story.

As we do every year, we returned to the largest sector gathering, Cersaie, presenting this year’s new product, the Silex Privilege collection. This year was especially satisfactory for us as the new collection attracted a large number of visitors to the stand and we obtained quite a few commercial contacts.

In 2013 we made our first appearance at ‘The Independent Hotel Show’, a fair focusing on boutique and luxury hotels. For our first time at this event, we came home feeling great.

Finally, we will sign off this year with the best news we could possibly offer you, we are now present in a new international retail outlet, in Mexico. Our ongoing internationalisation project is still coming up with amazing results like this.

This year we have spoken of trends in decorations, novelties in design, new Fiora products… but next year will have all this and much more. Thanks to all of you for following Fiora in this direct contact channel; we are very happy to be able to share all these stories with you, listen to your opinions and engage you in pleasant conversation.

For now, we’re starting our holidays, we will be closed from 28 December to 7 January, but not without wishing all of you a happy Christmas with your loved ones and a prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas.

Lines are in fashion for your bathroom

Colors Collection
Colors Collection

Interior design uses more and more elements to delimit areas and highlight spaces, small details that now have a constant presence in decoration projects. Lines are just one of these elements that help achieve this effect of defining spaces.

Decoration based on lines is on trend right now, the combination of plain walls contrasting with lines on other walls to highlight spaces has become the byword for style in contemporary decoration. The most muted and discreet tones come to life with the inclusion of straight lines that ‘break them up’. Now we have transferred this design trend to the home of Fiora, the bathroom.

We have reinterpreted this decorative trend in our range of furniture, thus bringing the Colors collection to life with the finish ‘Líneas’. This collection incorporates a texture that responds to the decorative models we have mentioned. But the highlight is the eight tones that are available for you to combine with this texture. This wide range of colours will make your chosen furniture fit in with the rest of your bathroom superbly.

And you? Haven’t you incorporated lines into your home decor yet?