Fontana and combine your bathroom completely

Fiora Fontana

Design and functionality are the hallmarks that define the vanities comprising the Fontana collection. Its basins stand out for their finishing possibilities: Plain or Slate and ten colour variations: off-white, total white, cement, cream, grey, black, gold, Pyrenees stone, wenge and sandstone that you can combine to the extreme.

Multiple options available to obtain the vanity that best fits in your bathroom space. Vanities with integrated, off-centre or centred basins with rounded corners. Tabletop basins in single or double-basin vanities, even with an integrated tower rail, but best of all is the possibility of combining this collection with the Silex shower plates. Slate or Plain are the linking points between the furniture and the shower plates, characteristic materials of Fiora that are now employed in Fontana vanities, achieving a sensation of continuity in the bathroom elements. Highly resistant materials that bear high temperatures and humidity without damage, partly, thanks to their permeability.

Another step is taken in the complete combination of this furniture and shower plate collection thanks to the materials shared by both.

Click here and discover all the customisation possibilities that Fontana, together with the collection of Silex shower plates, can offer.