Give your bathroom a modern touch with the Fiora Box

Box Fiora

Tired of your old bathroom? Want to give your bathroom a more modern touch?

We have the solution to your questions and without the need for big refurbishing jobs, it has never been so easy to replace your old bathtub with a modern and comfortable shower. Fiora offers you the fastest and most practical solution for this change, the Fiora Box.

It is part of our new Silex Privilege collection and consists of a series of panels which, once the tray is installed, seamlessly cover the wall area that remains from the old bathtub. Now, when doing this work, it is no longer necessary to also change the bathroom tiles because the Fiora Box helps you to dress the naked walls, giving your bathroom a more modern and up-to-date touch. The Fiora Box is the perfect complement for this type of job.

A comfortable and economic solution to enjoy a different, more modern bathroom. The panels come in sizes of up to 1 x 2.20 m. In any of the textures and colours of the Silex Privilege collection. A wide range of Solid (8 tones) and Nature (6 tones) colours comprise a complete scenario of possibilities for your bathroom.

The availability of a wide range of colours is vital in these situations where only one of the bathroom’s elements is going to be changed. In these cases the new component chosen must be as similar and combinable with the rest of those remaining in the bathroom as possible.

No one had ever made it so easy to replace your bathtub with a shower tray. Visit a Fiora sales point and learn about all the possible combination of the Fiora Box.

We are launching a new collection, Sílex Privilege!

After many months of intense work in February we are launching our new collection, Sílex Privilege. An exclusive range of products characterised by creating unique, high quality spaces designed so their general aesthetics create a sensation of absolute comfort.

We also have a new texture: BRICKS

Sílex Privilege

Slate has always been a hallmark at Fiora and with this collection we are expanding the family of textures with Bricks. Accompanying this innovation, 8 Solid colours and 6 new Nature colours complete en extremely wide range for making your shower tray more personal.

Nature, closer to all things natural

Sílex Privilege

Sílex Privilege incorporates a new range of colours, six tones we have called Nature that bring the most natural sensations of the earth and the feel of natural stone to your whole bathroom. An enveloping sensation for your bathroom where you can even match the shower tray grating.

Privilege gratings, combination to an extreme

Sílex Privilege

The new gratings are available in two finishings, stainless steel and lacquered. They are more minimalist and decorative designs but without losing their function. The lacquered version has almost endless possibilities for combination. The Solid colour you choose for your Sílex Privilege shower tray can also be applied to the grating.

Fiora Wall; all-in-one separator, heating and screen

Sílex Privilege

Another innovation in the new Sílex Privilege collection is the possibility of integrating three basic functions of our bathroom in one single element, Fiora Wall. This structure integrates perfectly into every space and offers the possibility of heating so this component is not only a separator or screen; Fiora gives it added value through heat.

Fiora Box. Forget about the bathtub

Silex Privilege

Moving from your old bathtub to a new and modern tray is a lot easier thanks to this innovation. This is the easiest and most elegant way to replace your old bathtub with a more practical shower tray. The same finishings and overlay as the Sílex Privilege shower tray add the final touch to a uniform, high quality area.

Sílex Privilege is a complete, high quality collection, with the ability to give your bathroom a whole new look.