Discover the new FIORA factory: months of work in one single video

FIORA is moving forward and its infrastructure is growing with a new factory of 5,500 m2. This factory, which will be devoted to the manufacture of the FIORA BOX panels, of the Silex Privilege Collection, is an extension of the central operations plant in La Rioja (Spain), increasing it to 16,000 m2.

This time-lapse video shows how the construction of the new factory evolved. This is a fascinating project for our company that has become reality in the last few months and will led to better service for all of our customers.

Don’t get left behind, choose an accessible shower


Flush with the floor, integrated with the environment and made of increasingly resistant materials. That’s what the fashionable shower is like, more accessible and with more style than ever. The bathroom says goodbye to obstacles and chooses minimalist lines that make your life easier. And at FIORA we are well aware of this. And so we’re going to tell you about the key advantages that more accessible showers have; you won’t be able to resist their charms.

Freedom of movement
Shower trays have taken over from the old bathtubs and as a result you have gained space and freedom of movement. There is no barrier to climb over, the shower trays are fitted flush with the floor, and this lets you choose made-to-measure formats, including increasing the original area.

Accessories inside the shower
By eliminating the barriers and extending the shower space, an area is generated in which accessibility reigns. And accessories like our shower stools or wall grab bars make it an ideal place for everyone, irrespective of physical condition and age.

State of the art technology for gratings and drains
The new shower spaces level with the floor, with completely smooth surfaces, integrate innovative systems of drainage (with larger, designer gratings).

The design is all-embracing, all the way up to the ceiling
A perfect example of total integration of the shower in the design of the bathroom is our BOX FIORA. With this system, the material of the shower tray can go right up to the ceiling, panelling the wall. Identical textures and colours to surround you while you relax.

An accessible shower

An accessible shower

An accessible shower