Elax: the elastic shower tray

Plato de ducha ElaxProblems fitting the shower in the distribution of your bathroom?

There are situations where when designing the bathroom we find there is a column that is in the way, a curved wall where the space cannot be properly used, etc.

For all these situations Fiora has created Elax, the first flexible and elastic shower tray that can adapt to any bathroom structure. Its features mean that with a simple cut the shower tray achieves the desired shape and adapts to the space that a conventional shower could not fit into.

The elasticity of the shower tray absorbs any impacts, guaranteeing optimum maintenance and avoiding unsightly chippings. On the other hand, the materials of the tray and the flexibility it features guarantee maximum adherence to the floor. Its Class 2 non-slip surface combines safety and comfort in equal measures.

The Elax range includes eight different tones so you can choose those that best suit the style of your bathroom. This chromatic variety ensures that the final finish will be a total success.

The installation of Elax is very simple as it comes with a leaflet and DVD that facilitate the work of the plumbers or installers with extensive explanations regarding how to fit it.

The Elax shower trays make setting up your bathroom easier.

The Touch

El tacto

Of the five senses that the human being has, the sense of touch occupies the most space on our body. The skin that covers us has nerve terminations throughout our entire body, giving us sensations when we come into contact with our environment.

Our sense of touch keeps us in contact with reality, it is pure emotion and at Fiora we consider the sense of touch to be primordial as another way of interacting with your bathroom.

Fiora: Touch your bathroom

The prevailing trend in communication is about awakening the sense of sight so that the bathroom comes in through your eyes and prompts emotions. But we propose a new way of communicating: “touch your bathroom” interact with it – what does its surface tell you?

Coming into contact with your bathroom and its materials, feeling the experience – what does its touch suggest?
A rough surface may give you a feeling of calmness, your own spa at home or maybe a smooth surface gives you a feeling of modernity, avant-garde design…

Touch your bathroom and feel what it really communicates to you.