FIORA DETAILS by ESDIR: New exhibition in the Fiora Experience Room

Throughout the Fiora Experience Room’s history, which exceeds two years, several exhibitions have been installed which are linked to the world of art: painting, calligraphy, photography… but on this occasion the exhibition in question is of an entirely different nature. ‘Fiora Details by ESDIR’ is a project born out of the collaboration with the ESDIR (La Rioja School of Design), and specifically with the students from First-Year Product Design. 

The challenge that the students were given along with their teacher, David Azpurgua, was to apply all of their creativity in order to design and create items to complete a piece of Fiora bathroom furniture. Details such as soap dishes, candle holders, soap dispensers or bars of soap, etc. 

The students soaked up the Fiora philosophy and were also able to visit the facilities in Nájera in order to get to know more about the manufacturing processes. The Fiora marketing team supervised each one of the projects for months, guiding and giving advice to the students. The result, an exhibition of the best products developed by the 28 students in their first year of Product Design at the ESDIR.

With this exhibition, Fiora Experience Room meets one of its objectives which is to perform a social function. In this case, providing support for young future product designers.