TEAM FIORA: Paula Castresana, director of Fiora Experience Room

Up and running for over two years, Fiora Experience Room has become a point of reference, establishing itself as a ‘brand museum’ in which the latest Fiora products can be seen. Paula Castresana is the director of this space and we had a chat with her to find out more about Fiora Experience Room.

Paula, what kind of clients do you deal with every day in Fiora Experience Room? Why do they come here?

It is a highly varied public, but I can highlight two groups above all: end consumers and architects/decorators. The majority know the Fiora brand and come to see and touch the products in all their ranges of colours and textures. Another reason is to see what’s new, as Fiora is constantly innovating and in the Fiora Experience Room the latest additions are always on display. It is our brand museum.

What collection stands out the most in Fiora Experience Room? Which one surprises your customers the most?

Fiora products are generally very well liked, it’s difficult to choose one collection. But if I have to say which one surprises them the most… without a doubt it’s the whole range of shower trays + panels (Fiora Box), our latest collection Making  in the furniture range and I mustn’t forget the radiators, Vulcano and Celsius as ‘What’s this?’ is a very common question – these are designer radiators which leave the conventional radiator behind.

With their Experience Room, Fiora also contributes to the Rioja society as they hold different events that are open to the public. What does the public think of this social function?

The city has responded very well to all of the events that we’ve put on, and this has allowed us to enjoy some wonderful evenings. Looking back, we’ve experienced all kinds of events here, from broadcasting a radio programme to events related to languages and wine, several painting and photography exhibitions, the presentation of the Fiora Dakar Team, music concerts… at all of these events the public show their appreciation of Fiora’s support for the city of Logroño. So throughout this year too we will continue to hold this kind of events at Fiora Experience Room.