An autumnal bathroom at your fingertips


Speaking about autumn, we enter a world of colours and textures; in the countryside, but also inside the house. Because who hasn’t also wanted sometimes to enjoy autumn from the other side of the window pane? And we’re not just talking about seeing it through the window. We’re also talking about bringing its colours and sensations to every corner of the house. And, of course, to the bathroom.

Here we’ve brought you our own particular proposals so that you can experience autumn with FIORA, as we add warm colours to the touch of our furniture and our shower trays. A world of sensations that you won’t want to leave. Enjoy it!

The emotion of the rustic style
Talking about autumn almost always inevitably transports us to a place in the mountains, far away but welcoming. A rural house. But if we want everything to be just right, the stone of the facade should be accompanied by a matching interior decoration that is of the same quality. And that’s where our new Silex Rustica collection fits in perfectly, converting the bathroom into a place full of elegance and also, if you like, with a certain air of nostalgia.

The colours of the forest
Browns, toasted colours, ochres… The FIORA furniture and shower trays offer a range of colours that transport you towards Nature itself. Their textures also contribute to achieving that sensation of, almost, natural stone, covering the entire room.

The warm light of late afternoon
If the furniture is important, the lighting isn’t any less so. Warm halos of light, in small lamps or indirect lights that surround the mirror can turn your bathroom into a place that invites you to relax.

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Fiora Silex

Fiora Silex

Fiora Silex Rustica