FUSSION, Fiora’s most versatile collection

FUSSION, Fiora's most versatile collection

Have you got a bathroom to decorate and you don’t know where to start? How about Fiora’s most versatile collection: Fussion. This very simple collection is ideal for decorating as it can easily be adapted to any space; Fussion is Fiora’s most complete collection. Breaking away from traditional models, these units can be customised to the maximum. This collection makes it possible for you to have the bathroom you really want with the furniture and dimensions that best suit your needs.

Units that go down to the ground, that have drawers, that are raised, that have metal legs, that are suspended on wheels so they can be moved around the bathroom, wall-mounted under-basin units… A thousand options in terms of dimensions and styles so your furniture will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

Accompany your under-basin unit with other small units for wall-mounted storage. Furniture with doors, big or small, square or rectangular, the possibilities are infinite. In addition to all of this, the Fussion collection is available in four different finishes: Waves, Clouds, Smooth and Floral so you can choose the one you like best. But these textures are accompanied by a range of colours so that with each of them you can choose from at least eight different tones.

Have a look at the catalogue and choose the option you like best, because you’re sure to get it right. Fussion is the most personalised option for your bathroom. Discover it and give this space a very personal touch.