Lines are in fashion for your bathroom

Colors Collection
Colors Collection

Interior design uses more and more elements to delimit areas and highlight spaces, small details that now have a constant presence in decoration projects. Lines are just one of these elements that help achieve this effect of defining spaces.

Decoration based on lines is on trend right now, the combination of plain walls contrasting with lines on other walls to highlight spaces has become the byword for style in contemporary decoration. The most muted and discreet tones come to life with the inclusion of straight lines that ‘break them up’. Now we have transferred this design trend to the home of Fiora, the bathroom.

We have reinterpreted this decorative trend in our range of furniture, thus bringing the Colors collection to life with the finish ‘Líneas’. This collection incorporates a texture that responds to the decorative models we have mentioned. But the highlight is the eight tones that are available for you to combine with this texture. This wide range of colours will make your chosen furniture fit in with the rest of your bathroom superbly.

And you? Haven’t you incorporated lines into your home decor yet?