A 2×1 tray? It’s Fiora’s Silex Mixto

Silex Mixto

The long, hot summer is upon us, temperatures rise and the heat begins to get to us. The best way to alleviate this suffocating heat is a shower to refresh the body. And when it comes to showers we have all you could ask for.

Wouldn’t you like to have a 2×1 shower tray?

Fiora’s Silex Mixto is just that because it is divided into two distinct zones, each with its own advantages. One part emphasises the feelings of comfort and luxury that it transmits when you touch its materials, while the other zone is marked by the textures of slate or mosaic and stamps a highly personal note on the tray.

If you are sick and tired of the typical white shower tray Fiora gives you more in the same area because it combines two trays in one with separate parts which multiply the sensations provided by Fiora’s Silex Mixto.

This tray stimulates the senses from the moment you step onto its surface. It transmits a torrent of sensations through its textures. Now you only need to decide what colours best suit your decorative scheme. Here at Fiora we provide you with a wide variety of tones so that your new shower tray will coexist in harmony with your bathroom’s aesthetics. The chromatic range at your disposal in made up of black, total white, off-white, grey, cement, cream, gold, sandstone, Pyrenees stone and wenge. Now you only have to choose!

Which ones suit your bathroom?