Is that a new painting on your wall? No, it’s a Vulcano radiator


We have already spoken about the details and possible combinations that Fiora’s Vulcano radiators can contribute to your home. The system of internal hot water ducts is a technical innovation and provides silent, enfolding warmth, but the variety of colours and textures makes selecting a radiator into a one hundred percent personal choice.

However, this week we want to convince you that Vulcano is much more than a mere radiator: it is a top-drawer decorative object for your home. The Vulcano collection has six different finishes: Slate, Seeds, Threads, Roses and Films and more than ten colours per finish such as cream, lilac, black and Pyrenees stone. They contribute versatility and the option of placing one in rooms as different as the kitchen or the bedroom.

The combination of two radiators in a vertical or horizontal arrangement or a single unit hung as a painting can decorate and area with unquestionable elegance. Vulcano radiators come with an extra: the design benchmark that sets the Fiora brand apart and, naturally, with the highest quality from the functional point of view.

Vulcano radiators are the most practical option to decorate your home and an aesthetic.