Combined bathroom and dressing room

Baño y vestidor/Bathroom and dressing room

These rooms are usually arranged as separate volumes with a marked change of ambiance between them, with the walk-in dressing room as spacious as your resources allow.

The dressing room serves as a nexus between the bedroom and the en suite bathroom. However, decorative tendencies are changing and today open volumes and linked rooms are in vogue. The trend is to eliminate walls or columns that hinder freedom of movement, creating diaphanous spaces devoid of limits.

Joining these two ambiances has the advantage of making the rituals of hygiene and adornment easier: after your shower you have your wardrobes at hand to select your clothes for the day without having to traipse around from the bathroom to the walk-in and vice versa.

These shared rooms make your day to day routine a little easier.

What about you? Will you link these two rooms?