Place the shower in the bedroom

Silex Collection

The bathroom is becoming a more prominent feature in the home. The tendency is for each element composing the traditional structure of the bathroom to be placed in separate areas with no connection between them. We are no longer surprised to find a toilet outside its original context or the bath in the middle of the bedroom…

Although it is still very avant garde, more and more people are daring to destructure the traditional bathroom… and we approach the subject in today’s post.

Why not take the shower out of the bathroom and place it in the bedroom?

Modern showers are authentic works of art, like life-size sculptures that, in line with the colours and textures of your bedroom, can complete the room and lend it a fresh, elegant touch. They are decorative elements in themselves combined with a practical function. In fact, with the shower in your bedroom you no longer need to leave the room to have a shower since everything is at hand. It is aesthetically pleasing and dresses the room.

What about you? Will you join this decorative tendency?