Decorate with wood

Decora con madera, Decorate with wood, Décorez avec le bois

This week we propose a decorative style for bathrooms that is currently very popular… wood as the key decorative element of your bathroom. Are you up for it?

This material provides the warm, avant-garde look that your bathroom needs. Wood on the floor, the counter or even the mirror frame. This material will make your bathroom look modern, elegant and natural. This decorative trend that came from nordic countries is gradually making its way into our homes.

But why do we propose wood as a decorative element for the bathroom? Because of its natural quality, its charisma and elegance when dressing up our bathroom At Fiora we closely follow the latest trends in decoration and design, and wood is a material that is becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms.

Wood is no longer something that could not be used in humid environments due to fear that it would deteriorate or that our furniture would warp. Today, all the wood-based furniture used in bathrooms is specially manufactured to last in the most humid environments and to withstand the passing of time in the best condition.

What about you, would you go for wood in your bathroom?