Combination of textures: The key to decoration

Fiora textures 

The exact combination of colours and textures is key to getting it right when decorating your home. One line of tones supported bythe right choice of the textures makes it easy to achieve house in decorative harmony.

At Fiora we want to offer you all possible combinations of colours and textures so you can choose the best option. Because every bathroom is a world in itself and because everyone’s needs are completely different, at Fiora we offer you more than 100 different combinations. But don’t let it overwhelm you, because with every Fiora collection we’ll show you the key to the best combination of furniture; on our website you can see the colours and textures available for each collection of furniture that, of course, match our shower trays. In addition, in the section ‘see finishes’ you can create your own combinations of colours and textures to see which best suit your needs.

Choosing your own combination is very easy. Haven’t you tried our finishes yet?