The feel of Vulcano

Vulcano collection

Vulcano is one of the innovations Fiora presents this year, a range of radiators to match the textures of bathroom furnishings. But Vulcano is much more. This exclusive range of radiators breaks Fiora’s traditional barriers and conveys the brand to every corner of the house, fitting perfectly into any ambience.

This is a product for everyday use which will fill your home with style and design since the colour and texture combinations offered by Vulcano turn a mere radiator into an authentic work of art to adorn the walls.

Five textures: slate, slate lava, seeds, threads and roses that add volume and life to the radiator plus ten colours to choose from in the slate range and eight different tones for the rest. The combinations to make your radiator a unique work of design are endless.

Imagine your black and white kitchen with a 150 X 50 Vulcano radiator  in black with the threads texture. Functional works of art that can now decorate this space because with Fiora the sense of touch permeates your entire home. Capturing the sensations you want your home to transmit is easier now with colours and textures favouring cosier rooms decorated to reflect your taste. Vulcano enables Fiora to permeate your entire home, turning not only the bathroom but any corner into art, design fashion, and quality.