CERSAIE 2017. A fantastic experience in Pavilion 21

From the 24th to the 28th of September a new edition of CESAIE was held. For Fiora, this edition has undoubtedly been the best, for several reasons.

Fiora was in Pavilion 21, the most prestigious one at the trade show and where the most important brands were to be found, something which was well noted. We received more than 300 visits from Italian clients and also from the rest of Europe, albeit to a lesser extent. We were also able to establish new contacts with architects, designers and decorators, some of whom are very interesting indeed.

This year we also presented several new products at the trade show. And the Italian commercial team was working 100% in the stand attending to the clients and giving detailed presentations of Fiora’s latest products. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our thanks to the whole team.

In short, CERSAIE 2017 has left a great taste in our mouths and we are already looking forward to next year.

5 key ways to make your bathroom seem bigger

In today’s homes, bathrooms don’t tend to be excessively large, especially in urban areas. At Fiora we would like to propose 5 key ways to optimise space in your bathroom.

  1. Modular furniture

Modular compositions enable you to lighten spaces and make maximum use of the space. The collection Fiora Making has been developed with a fully modular concept so that the furniture can be completely custom designed to suit any space. Wall-mounted furniture, with bases, vanity units, hooks, etc. make up a fully modular collection.

2. Guarantee various small objects are kept tidy inside

To optimise space, order is essential. For this it is best to choose furniture with recesses for jars and containers of different sizes. All Fiora furniture is manufactured with separators inside the drawers, in addition to a non-slip surface that prevents containers sliding when the drawers are opened and closed.

3. Mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are the perfect solution for storing the little things that need to be close by. In this way they are not on view, which gives us a sensation of space in the bathroom. Fiora mirrored cabinets are manufactured with steam-proof treatment and interior LED illumination.

4. Clear the floor

Installing elements off the ground clears the floor and visually increases the space, as well as guaranteeing improved cleaning in the bathroom. Therefore, Fiora wall-mounted furniture is perfect, available in the Making and inTouch collections. A good solution for a sensation of space on the floor is the extra-flat shower tray, set into the floor. All Fiora shower trays are extra-flat, and can be adapted to any space and set into the floor.

5. Don’t waste the corners

In small bathrooms all space is essential, so being able to install shelves on the sides of the furniture gives us precious extra space. All the furniture in the collection Making by Fiora has the option of shelves on the sides, as well as towel holders, another way to ‘claw back’ a bit more space in your bathroom.