FIORA bears small bathrooms in mind

At Fiora we’re well aware of the problem it can be sometimes to decorate a small bathroom. Therefore, in this post we want to recommend and introduce you to those  Fiora products that have been specially thought about for small bathrooms. Because at Fiora we also think about small bathrooms.

Making Mini

It’s the  smallest version in our Making collection. Small-sized furniture which take making the most of spaces to a whole new level, without losing that wide range of colours and textures that this collection has. Furthermore, if you combine them with the camerino mirrors we’ll be taking even more advantage of the space, as these mirrors take care of the storage that we need for those small items that we need to have most to hand in the bathroom. If you want to get rid of the unit, Fiora also offers the mini version free-standing wash hand basin.

Making Monobloc

In the same unit  you can find a mirror, a wash hand basin and a unit. With the possibility of a countertop or built-in wash hand basin and making the installation of wall-mounted taps easy. All of that in a column that will help you save space in bathrooms with a limited size. Making Monobloc comes in the same textures as Making: Stucco, Smooth and Slate, and in the same wide range of colours.

Shower trays (Silex, Privilege, Elax, Avant & Essential)

All of the Fiora trays are adapted to any space and our recommendation for small bathrooms is the ‘corner showers’ with a roof-high glass screen. For small bathrooms always use a shower tray instead of a bath and a glass screen instead of a curtain.

Neutral colours

The colour par excellence for small bathrooms is white. The reason is very simple, warm colours (white, cream, greys…) help us make the room look bigger and have more light. Fiora offers a wide range of warm colours: total white, off white, cream, bone, grey, nature white, nature cream & nature grey.

IDEO BAIN. An indispensable trade show for the French market

After 5 intense days in Paris we want to make an assessment of the Ideo Bain trade show. In general we are very happy with how the trade show went. The days with the highest attendance were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Visitors mainly from France and from other countries with French influence such as Guianas, Réunion, Morocco and Tunisia. Our French commercial team was able to deal with the more than 400 visitors who came to our stand. Ideo Bain also left us with a good taste in the mouth thanks to the great reception of the Fiora novelties presented at the trade show. MAKING OAK was liked because of its elegance, as was the new VENEZIA texture, available on our wall panels, Skin Panels. The new CELSIUS radiators were also well received due to the novelty in textures and their easy installation. And the new TRACE shower trays, which are still in development, also caused surprise and left a great impression.

In short, days of intense work but indispensable to continue developing our brand, Fiora, in the French market.